Surprise Engagement Proposal, Miami Beach, FL

Each time when someone asks me what do I like to photograph the most, my answer is everything from the Love Department. Those types of photo sessions bring happy tears to my Couple and my own vision is often blurry as well… haha do you know where can I make a complaint? ūüėČ More seriously, those are real and breathtaking emotions that’s why I am truly blessed and honored to capture it all.

This Surprisal Engagement Proposal took place in Miami Beach, FL. It was a unique session for me too, because the first time in my photography career I took with me to the beach my Mom and a friend of mine. They stayed away keeping a safe distance and recorded a backstage video.

Photo sessions like that require a lot of planning, where do I start?! But the funniest thing about it is the fact I have to become a quite convincing actress and lie at the beginning to the future Fianc√©e (sorry!)…

Are you planning to propose to your Girlfriend in front of a camera and have this awesome souvenir for many years to come? Let me know and we will plan it together, to the point she will need to say YES!

Congratulations to wonderful people Kasie (sorry for lying) and Caleb (thank you for the trust!)

I am so happy for both of you!


Happy #WorldOceansDay Miami!


Location: Miami Beach, FL.

Photography: Miami, FL, Houston TX, and Poland.


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Street Style Photo Session in the heart of Miami Beach

Did you ever wonder how Street Style Family Photo Session may look like in the heart of Miami Beach, during busy Sunday afternoon on Lincoln Road?‚Ā£
Be my guest and catch a glimpse ;)‚Ā£
This Couple proves that simply walking around with cute Baby Boy or pushing the stroller may be so natural and the most stylish thing ever. Big shout out to this gorgeous Family for bringing positive energy to our shoot, for dressing up and finally last but not least important for being a great walking example of the coolest and loving Parents!‚Ā£
You can follow the whole Family on Instagram Anderson and their Son

Family Street Style Photo Session with‚Ā£‚Ā£
Liliya and Tony
Location: Miami Beach, FL.‚Ā£‚Ā£

Photography: Miami, FL, Houston TX, and Poland.


Niki +48 698 593 160 (FaceTime, WhatsApp)

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The Bridal Glam

We planned a glam bridal photo session, then the snowstorm hit. I reveal even more this was the only day when it snowed during the whole winter in Poland. Can you imagine? Only for one day!? The next morning everything was melted. Most importantly snowstorm did not ruin our spirits. I was extremely happy for such rough weather conditions… but hey, I guess it wasn’t about me, fully dressed up in a long winter jacket and boots I got from Canada.

Shout out to our fearless Bride, dressed in a beautiful vintage wedding dress with transparent sleeves, what gave the feeling ‘without sleeves; and bare feet wearing high heels. On top of everything you could hear me saying during the shoot ‘Can you pretend like it is freezing cold?’ ūüėČ

We took pictures in front of an abandoned house, luckily the door entrance was under a small roof which gave kind of a safe place to hide from the snow.

Model: Yuliia Rudenko juliiarudenko

Makeup: Dorota Olkowska  BellbeMakeup

Hairstyle: Dorota Olkowska BellbeMakeup

Vintage Wedding Dress & Veil & Shoes:¬† comes from my private collection, all for sale ūüėČ

Location: Warsaw, Poland


Wedding Photography: Miami, FL, Houston TX, Poland, and anywhere where you say ‚ÄúI do!‚ÄĚ.


Niki +48 698 593 160 (FaceTime, WhatsApp)

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Maternity Milk Bath

New Year New Beginnings for many of us out there… Some people are expecting a Baby Boy to come to this World, others are opening an online company, in a meantime somewhere in the North Pole one man is starting a new job in a high voltage sector, some of you are making plans for a Wedding with By Niki Photography or By Niki Photography Team, myself with a New Year I got my wings back and planning to expand with photography on a new markets however the dominant target is Florida.

But let’s come back to the main subject on this post! As you probably realized, I mostly post Weddings on my website. Meaning those photographs are somehow magical to me!

I had a great honor to photograph my Dear Friend Magda and I am beyond thankful for trusting me on this one! During first phone conversation we had, I was told I can decide on what kind of maternity session it will be… it took me a while and I almost shouted out to the phone “we have to do Milk Bath!” and you know what? She looks more beautiful than ever!

Milk Bath photo shoots are my real obsession recently… one thing is sure I won’t do the same session again!¬†Each time it must be different, different colors, flowers or whatever I decide to soak in (top secret for the moment).

Winter is a great moment to do that! It is indoors, warm, relaxing and not many people I personally know took part in such a photo adventure. And if you happen to think about unique photo session, shoot me an email to

No, you don’t need a bathtub at home!

Milk bath recommendations:



Trash the Dress,


Location: By Niki Photography Studio

Future Mother to Be: Magda

Milk bath stylization: By Niki

Makeup:  BellbeMakeup

Hairstyle: BellbeMakeup

Huge THANK YOU to BellbeMakeup!

For your great job but at the same time for your precious help as an Assistant!

Happy New Everything Dears!

Drown in LOVE

‘Drown in LOVE’ is one of my recent photography projects that was in my mind for some time and finally, it became alive. Milk Baths are my recent photography obsessions. Great for Bridal Portraits or rather Trash the Dress, Maternity, Fashion and much more! I could not help myself when I saw how it looked through the viewfinder…. and the effect of that you can see on¬†my Instagram!¬†Shout out to Model Monsieur Jacob! Great job! Location: By Niki Photography Studio.

Wedding Photographer: Miami, FL, Houston TX and anywhere where you say ‚ÄúI¬†do!‚ÄĚ.


Niki +48 698 593 160 (FaceTime, WhatsApp)

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The Moody Mansion Wedding, Galveston Island, Texas


I think part of them knew the second they saw each other that this would happen… It must be the inexplicable feeling that is coming along with it. And we call it LOVE.

Once upon a time a few Weddings ago Trisha and Charles said their “I dos” in this beautiful historic mansion in heart of Galveston Island, Texas. After my arrival at the Moody Mansion, I took Bride’s and Groom’s portraits first my favorite¬†part I guess, later on, I photographed as well Bridesmaids¬†and Groomsmen. After Ceremony Trisha and Charles literally got the Wings of Happiness and danced/flew away from the aisle. Since Wedding Venue is located few steps away from the beach, guests could change uncomfortable shoes and dance in black or white flip-flops.

Wedding Location: The Moody Mansion, Galveston Island, Texas, U.S.A

Wedding Photographer: Miami, FL, Houston TX and Europe 

+48 698 593 160 (Europe)

+1 520 447 5922 (USA)


Meet me personally at Great Bridal Expo in Miami, FL.

April 8th, 2018

James L. Knight International Center

400 SE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33131, USA

Fashion Model, Saudi Arabia

Not much words necessary here I suppose… Incredible¬†modeling talent, Monsieur Jacob!

Location: Moon Valley, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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First post in 2017 should be a kick-ass so there it is!¬†I want something new and¬†unique with breath of freedom. This what you see is a combination of two different photo sessions. Here huge thanks go¬†to patient Gocha! This is a real challenge to pose under water. In open sea we have¬†few big obstacles: salty water (eyes and nose!),¬†sand on the bottom, once touched it may ruin¬†photo shoot spot for a while…¬†and salty water pushes to the top. We could not achieve such an effect in swimming pool, of course it would be easier but while you have an access to the sea with reef you just go for it! Model: Gocha, Outfit: abaya, Location: Red Sea, Saudi Arabia.

And here some great news, from now on our new temporary base is Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, still next to Houston, TX and Miami, FL ūüėȬ†Looking for a photographer¬†in Jeddah?¬†Just drop us a line to:

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