Kindergarten part II. The fact how different pictures are from each other when we use different cameras, keeps me carry even three of them ! Seychelles.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

My recent Birthday Trip was definitely indulge. The places that we saw were truly amazing. And last hotel was more that I could have ever expected. I don’t talk about big private villa with jacuzzi located inside the rocks and jungle. I am talking about the fact that during the heavily rain I could take a shower underneath the sky and trees… Picture above was taken in Praslin island, Seychelles. Isn’t it all about chairs and pillows?

Kindergarten Group

So finally I used my invitation. I have a chance to visit kindergarten group, one class room with 9-11 years olds and library. I am definitely in love about this school, its teachers, children and all equipment. Teachers I met, they are creative and know how to amuse children. I took with me three cameras, all I used, so you will see continuation soon. School on our small island in Seychelles.

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Poor Little Turtle

Today I got out from garden, passed a road and I saw poor “little” turtle got stuck in the corner between the woods. He could not get out! I tried to moved him – impossible, they are very heavy. I called for help cause I don’t want him to stay with no food and water for God knows how long! Mission was very difficult but finally we managed to get him out of there. Stay out of trouble!

Ocean Blue

I am more than in love about colours like that for a house. Blue and white, it goes so good together. I feel calm and relax. And this huge veranda… The Craft Village, Mahe, Seychelles.