Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

Winter challenge?! Are you kidding me? ūüėČ Let get this clear, I am not going to have¬†in Seychelles¬†a single snowflake even! Few days ago I start to collect fall leaves, because I miss fall. Here we are wean even of expecting the stimulus of seasonal change, and of too longingly remembering the beauty of fall and winter. They are the things I miss, but not sorely.

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Shining Night

Tonight (cause we are located in +4 UTC, Seychelles) we painted with shining lights. Results are not these ones that I wish to get but first I have invest in a good light ūüėČ Anyway tomorrow is going to be a shining night as well…¬†I wish you all¬†shining year 2012!

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Polaroid Wall

Finally I¬†bought wooden cloths pegs¬†(which was very difficult to find) and rope. Everything for my new wall decoration. Can’t wait for “installation” ūüėČ Palm tree in our garden.¬†Seychelles.

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Tropical Island

Most people dream of abandoning the world, the one that they used to know. Of giving up everything and moving to some far away island. Tropical island. But to live there forever… there is a problem of earning for living in a place like this. How about schools for children, every day entertainments, stores ect. How many people could pick up and go? How many people could leave home, family and friends? Finally how many people could leave their jobs and settle happily in a warm latitudes of tropical island? But for us, there has been no real difficulty in turning this dream into reality. Greetings from our home on tropical island. Seychelles.¬†

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Christmas Palm Tree Decorations

Last year we had a pink christmas tree. This year we will have a christmas palm tree. I am afraid to think what can it be next year ūüėČ Anyway this year we save money for decorations. Because all of them we found at the beach. They look so funny. I can’t wait for tomorrow to hang them all on the palm tree! Merry, Merry Christmas from our new island home! Seychelles.

Jumping Santa is My Boy

It is tomorrow! Christmas are here! Are you ready? I still have some job to do. I have to decorate our christmas palm tree. Yes, palm tree! Or built christmas tree from sand at the beach, but next day it can be gone with ocean waves… Anyway I can do both. Christmas this year will be definitely different! Marry Christmas from tropical island to all of you! Seychelles.