Double Shadow ?!

How is it possible to photograph a double shadow of this couple? Free spirit? Any ideas? I have just an only one… Will share it soon with you. I am very interested what you think! Film photography. Beach in Seychelles, Mahé island.

Lonely Palm Tree


Today I had to decide which picture I want to have on my credit card… OMG! It took me forever to decide! But finally I want it to be funny and different from (mostly) boring and ugly ones… so here is my choice It should cause a smile on people faces in the bank 😉 Now I can not wait to receive it! Photograph above: Seychelles.

Security First




When I look through pictures that win first places in a photography competitions I have to admit one thing I want to go to war countries. Or places where catastrophe took a place etc.  That kind of pictures are winners nowadays. Ugly truth… From the other side can you explain me how is it possible to take a picture of a crying kid that dad was just killed ?! Where are those people feelings standing behind cameras ? Where are the borders ? Are there any ? Picture above: Victoria, Mahé island, Seychelles. Security of the president during carnival.


Step brothers. I have quite big collection of graffiti. One thing is sure authors of this art are very talented! Quite old picture but goes good with this week photo challenge 😉

It Could be an Art…


… or even it is but don’t you see something wrong? For me it is obvious pictures are blur (double exposure). I still don’t know how to explain this… Some photographs with “error” are an art to me. To much ISO, blur, strange frame etc. I sill love perfection but sometimes… 😉 On the photograph Grand Anse, La Digue Island, Seychelles. It was easy to get here downhill by bike, but quite difficult to come back…

Prison Break

This photograph shows how I feel lately…Yes like in prison and I need a break! 😉 Somehow I like this picture a lot. Specially reflections, color and ugliness at the same time. Thorn wire in capital of Seychelles, Victoria, Mahe island.