Light Leaks

Light Leaks


It is like expecting the unexpected. Talking about light leaks obviously. How many methods do you know to get those colorful light leaks? I know just four of them but I am sure list is very long.

Location: Monaco.

Model: Nora.

The Beginning, The Hope and The Dreams

The Hope


Finally first post in a New Year! Honestly I spent some time thinking which picture to select… Obviously I had a huge choice!  Decided to use a photograph taken yesterday, in a dog park. And want to share with you my ‘dog park story’. It was around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, warm sunny day. Nobody on the streets. Just some passing by cars. Before entering to the park, next to the pavement I found a credit card, from a bank I do not even know. I took it to my bag and tried to think what to do about that. The best idea would be to return the card to the bank… During play time with my dog I saw a young Afro-American man passing by the road. 30 minutes after I was going out from the park while I saw a young Afro-American lady passing me by. She looked at Nalu, smiled and said “What a cute dog!”, I smiled back and said “Thank you!”. Two steps after I saw the same guy again looking down the road, walking slowly, he was waiting for his girlfriend/wife. They kissed each other and I realized he was sad. I rushed myself and my dog, did not want to disturb. Suddenly I heard this girl saying “What did you do?!”, I looked back and I saw how guilty this man was. I said “Hey guys! Did you lose something?”. „Yes, the card” young man reply with a sad face. “I found it! Here it is.” I passed it to them, the card belonged to his girlfriend. I looked her and I realized that the glasses she was wearing were broken, one side was missing but she was still wearing it. I was obvious they are not the richest people in the neighborhood. “Look he has a ladybug on his T-shirt, that means a good luck.” young lady said smiling at me. And it really was a Good Luck! On my way back I heard “Thank you sooooo much!”.

This photograph represents to me the beginning, the hope and the dreams while being such a basic photograph at the same time.

Enjoy 2014 Everybody!