The American Flag

The American Flag

Decided to start new collection of photographs on my Facebook page¬†tilted¬†“The American Flag”.¬†These are going to be firsts ones in album, however I have some already ūüėČ

IMG_4201 copy

Bodysuit and hut American Apparel, sunglasses Dolce & Gabbana, American Flag year 1932! Got it in antique store in the middle of nowhere. Pride to own it: priceless!

IMG_4199 copy

Thank you so much to my Little Assistant! Photo shoot Venice Beach, California.




Our car simply belongs to the places like that. That is why we decided to pull over for a¬†lunch¬†time.¬†Listened¬†to Surfing USA by Beach Boys and ate. My¬†choice¬†was a salad. I try to eat healthy while I live here… ūüėČ



Mel’s Drive In, Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks, California.

Oil Drilling Has

Oil drilling has


Dreams came true ūüėČ Finally I photographed oil drilling has! On my way from Sequoia National Park back to L.A. I had this chance. I never saw so many oil drilling has in one place! During and after the sunset. California.

Spring Break


Spring Break is here. Foggy morning at the beach. Group of students is playing american football.

Football (1)

Girls are really good players ūüėČ Venice Beach, Los Angeles. More pictures on my¬†Facebook¬†fun page.

Tell me a story about downtown L.A.

Tell me a story about downtown L.A.

Do you¬†believe¬†in bus stop that can take you to South Hope? ūüėČ I do! Only in downtown L.A.

00070031 copy

Sun reflection… ah ūüėČ

00070008 copy

Two men, One Way and Two¬†Giraffes…

00070016 copy

More Sun…

00070029 copy

Left or Straight? Choice is yours ūüėČ If you want to see the rest of the story please visit my¬†Facebook¬†fun page with more than 20 photographs in album:¬†“Tell me a story about downtown L.A.”

See you there!


Ghost Town


I like to use my Polaroid for old kind of photographs however that sounds.Calico

Those pictures were made on new style of Polaroid film, but I have to admit it is too perfect for me. Somehow I prefer when instant pictures look old.Calico

This silver mining town (ghost town) today has been converted into a county park. Calico was architecturally restored. But the five original buildings look as they did in 1880s. Calico

I recommend you Calico as a great place for photography.Calico

Or simply if you like to go back in time ūüėČ

Lost in the Details

Lost in the Details


Downtown L.A. and in action my lovely plastic camera ūüėČ I like this effect where buildings and street are kind of blur and people crossing zebra are visible two times, some of them seem to¬†disappear¬†like a ghosts… Are you lost in the details?