Gossip After Work Party & Made In Monaco Magazine

Gossip After Work Party


Dear All,

Pictures from Gossip After Work Party are ready!

Rules are simple:

You go to my Facebook fun page, make sure you like it and share it ūüėČ

After that feel free to copy your photographs.





Underwater Beauty

Deep Underwater ?


Dear Photographers, who are you?

Photographers or Graphics?

Or maybe both?

What kind of photography do you love?

The real one or post processed?

Or finally maybe it does not matter as long as picture make us stare at it for more than a while?




US vehicles

09110004 copy

Downtown, Los Angeles, California.

68110032 copy

Van Nuys, California.

03410001 copy

Somewhere in Arizona, USA.

01680001 copy

Van Nuys, California.

68110031 copy


Van Nuys, California.

You can see more of “US vehicles” on my Facebook fun page. All pictures were taken with film camera. Nothing can compare to that! Right?

Roof Pool

Roof Pool

This photograph reminds me very first picture on my blog. It was a pool next to amazing blue hotel wall in Miami Beach, Florida. The most silly thing about that was the fact that for the first few months nobody knew about existence of my blog. I simply did not know about tags and categories. So during 3 to 6 months I did not have a single visitor! It makes me laugh today. On the day when I realized that, I was blessed by your very first comments and very first, very second and third “like”. It was a great life lesson. No matter what, never give up in your life. It might take a little bit longer than you think… But it is coming!

Photograph above : An afternoon walk in Van Nuys, California.


The Boy



How it feels when you find a person who knows how you want to develop your films? I would say priceless! Now I should find other spot where I could scan this beautiful work. The BOY on extremely comfortable chaise lounge in Beverly Hills, California.

Goldie Gold

Goldie Gold


In love with these shadows. During Sunday afternoon I realized some photography ideas. Picture was taken without a tripod. Yes, I am in need to get brand new one. This time my choice would be carbon one. You never know where your legs will take you and if it is going to be far then I prefer to be ready! Cause my Assistant might be not there…




Self portrait. This idea came to me after talking to owner of Art Galley in France. This lady said that nowadays art and photography should be shocking. Picture was never published on my website before. I guess because of mixed feelings that you all might have. Is it that eerie enough?