Godforsaken Hole


Picture from north of France. Calmness and at the same time the strongest winds I have ever experienced. That is left behind (again) and even much more you can imagine. Bye bye “temporary home” . Ready for new adventures? Hell, yes I am!




Photograph was taken around a year ago for ONE organization. The picture  belongs to a series of three images. ONE fight against extreme poverty. Homeless man in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Sunrise at Plantation

salad copy

While living in a city I realized how much I miss country side.  Beautiful views, silence, no rush, fresh air and much more! Finally I had a chance to visit two plantations today in a company of my dog. He was not my photography object this time. But I heard a crunching noise behind me…2breakfastve copy

… yes! He decided to have his second green breakfast while I was shooting.