Opening collection “How do I know that the summer was here?”


From today on you will see series of three months summer collection photographs titled “How do I know that the summer was here?”. Two different cameras, three different films but the same place. Just analog photography. Total quantity of photographs is about 80. Because of that some of them will be posted just and only on my Facebook page.

Make sure you like the page if not you will be not able to see all.

How do you know that the summer was here? 😉

Paint Your Life Colourful


Well, well, well… what can I say?  Soon you will have a chance to see some other photography projects of mine from different places than Seychelles. After that I will take you to a new place for some time. All I can say about it: high palm trees, sun and the ocean with sandy beaches = different side of planet Earth 😉 Happy guessing! Painting above I painted by my own. Created in Seychelles.