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First post in 2017 should be a kick-ass so there it is! I want something new and unique with breath of freedom. This what you see is a combination of two different photo sessions. Here huge thanks go to patient Gocha! This is a real challenge to pose under water. In open sea we have few big obstacles: salty water (eyes and nose!), sand on the bottom, once touched it may ruin photo shoot spot for a while… and salty water pushes to the top. We could not achieve such an effect in swimming pool, of course it would be easier but while you have an access to the sea with reef you just go for it! Model: Gocha, Outfit: abaya, Location: Red Sea, Saudi Arabia.

And here some great news, from now on our new temporary base is Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, still next to Houston, TX and Miami, FL 😉 Looking for a photographer in Jeddah? Just drop us a line to: by.niki@yahoo.com

Houston, TX and Miami, FL ready for bookings in 2017 ? Give us a call at: +1 520 447 5922 (USA) or simply drop an e-mail to : by.niki@yahoo.com

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