Between the trees

Multiple exposures are some kind of creations to me. Sometimes you have to think good how your final picture will be looking like… Other time I just shoot whatever and sometimes the final effect is even better that the one that I planned. Trees, ocean, waves and beach. Mahe Island, Seychelles. I think tomorrow it’s time to go to the beach 😉

Long Vehicle?

Long vehicle or maybe just a panoramic picture? 😉 Normally this one is 360 degrees but my computer/Photoshop gets crazy when I try to connect so many photographs together. If you look good in the middle there is my dog sitting! 😉 Another sunny day on the beach, Seychelles.

Copy strictly forbidden.


I know it’s been some time AGAIN since my last post. But what to do life sometimes keep us busy or simply away from internet connection. This time it was a one week trip, which turned out to be a huge surprise to myself 😉 Anyway quite soon you will see some pictures taken in lovely scenery and with… PINK hair! In the above photograph are dogs that you can meet every day on the Mahe Island in Bel Ombe area. Seychelles.