The Bride and The Groom

The Bride and The Groom The Bride and The Groom 1 The Bride and The Groom 2 The Bride and The Groom 3 The Bride and The Groom 4

Guess what was my main job today? Typist… Yes it was! Wedding Season started for good what means plenty e-mails to answer. Thinking of all of you planning to tie the knot I am sharing few full of happiness Wedding pictures! Location: Galveston, Texas. You can still see more on my Facebook Fun Page ( Looking for a photographer? Drop me a line to : 😉

Broken Promises

Broken Promises

What would you do with 2 dozens of dry roses? After two months of drying I decided to use it this way! I am obsesses with flowers in a hair, more is better! Stylization: By Niki, Model: wants to stay Anonymous 😉 Location: Houston, Texas.



My Life My Choices Not Your Business! Obviously as a piece of  ‘art’. I do not mean to offend any of you! I just like a lot bad boys images that still might be pretty somehow… 😉 Late night in Houston, Texas.

To Prom with Love

The Prom The Prom 1 The Prom 2 The Prom 3 The Prom 4


I am absolutely in love about the Dress! It is breathtaking. I am sure it was the best outfit during the night! Great make up, hairstyle  gave the perfect match. But when you are such a beautiful couple the rest is beautiful too! Prom photo shoot with Marie and Kelvin. Location: Humble, Texas. Interested in photo shoot? Let me know:



Series ‘By Niki and Her Little Assistant’ hit California. I guess lately I did not have enough time to work on my projects, realize my photography ideas and in general do what I love the most : be creative! Today I finally photo shoot one project that was in my head for months! Promise to share that with you in a next few days!

Blue Mermaid

Blue Mermaid

Absolutely amazing blue outfit! It is a Boy ! 😉 Beautiful Model: Sarah, Location: Manvel, Texas. Can not wait for next  photo shoot! Drop me a line to :

Will You Marry Me?

Would you merry me? Would you merry me? 2 Would you merry me? 3 Would you merry me? 4 Would you merry me? 5

Engagement photo shoot with Rickyll and Brandon. We had so much fun together! They were jumping, running, hugging, kissing and laughing all the time! That what is love about anyway, right? Interested in similar photo session? Drop me a line to

With Love,


Industrial Area as a Location for your Business.

shoot photo

Business Wednesday no. 7

If you wish to open a photography studio that services industrial and commercial clients then location outside the town could suit your needs. Those businesses do not depend on foot traffic or high visibility. Rents in industrial areas are usually reasonable. Those buildings are designed with open space in mind and it should not be too expensive to modify for commercial studio use. An industrial area would not work very well for portrait studio because it is usually to far out of the way for an average consumer.

Here I want to share with you one example. Last time I photo shoot Wedding renewal in a huge photography studio. This studio has big open space with so many props each photographer could dream of. From bricks to build the walls through wooden desks, tables etc. Studio itself produce an amazing food photography! That is why they have a kitchen facilities and they are able to rent space for many kinds of events like weddings etc. What means more money to pay your rent!

Last location for your business is the shopping center. People go to malls to shop but as well to walk around and meet with others. Shopping centers realize the value of this foot traffic and charge extremely high per square foot per year. More established photography studios can generate the dollar volume to warrant the high rent. I like the fact that you can bump on photo booths in a malls and have a funny pictures at a low price.

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