Old City


Marketplace in Warsaw, Poland. I came to the conclusion that I could stop taking pictures for minimum 5 or 6 months! I have so many photographs and they ‘are waiting in line’. But the problem is : day with no picture is a losing day 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

I am wondering when my photography luck for weekly photo challenge will be finished. Because again I had a picture in my collection that goes good with topic of the week (I hope…). This photo was taken quite long time ago. Just after when I bought an angel wings. And after that was quite obvious we have to go to the roof 😉 Big thanks to my assistant!

You can see more pictures here:



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Tea or Coffee ?


I am definitely a tea lover! But I don’t like any fruit tea! I like a lot smell of coffee but it doesn’t taste the same to me. So I definitely don’t like coffee, even tiramisu cake etc. I guess there are not to many people like me about this point. I don’t know anybody else with the same ‘style of drinking’. Composition of the photograph was made with 100% polish items. I love polish cut outs. Enjoy!

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Ghost Riders

I was wondering ‘is this picture good enough’? Cause it is hard to see what the hell is on the photograph! But I will help you. It is English Promenade in Nice. Multiple exposures – I guess even to many of them! People are riding bicycles, walking, running. Everything is blurred because I was taking shots from a car. I guess just one category would be good for this picture – an art! 😉

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Is Rudolph In Trouble?

I decided to don’t wait longer for the proper scanner and share with you some of mine Polaroid pictures. Mr. Rudolph from the photograph was in front of the entrance to the hair salon. He attracted each passer-by I guess. Few days ago I took the same road… and I have to tell you Rudolph is in a big trouble! He lost his right antler… the missing part was covered with fancy hut. I hope he will get some glue soon… Get better Rudolph!

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Fishes in the Sea

I am in love about this picture, and to be honest I am not in love about each photograph of mine. Maybe from one month there are two / three pictures that I am really happy with! I like a lot photographs with some compositions that need to be created and it takes a lot of time. If we add a person to the scenery, we have to think about appropriate cloths, hairstyle and makeup. So maybe that is why when I don’t have enough time or ideas I prefer double and multi exposures. Thanks to them I can  receive amazing compositions (of course in my opinion). Because you know how they say: so many people so many opinions… Have a great weekend!

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Doll House

Yesterday I was going through many pictures, looking for some photographs that could take part in photography competition. There are four categories: animals, people, landscape and photoreport. It was so difficult to choose. Finally there are 21 pictures. I found this one above (it is not going to take a part in a contest) and I thought it is quite lovely to share it with you. It reminds carefree childhood.

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