Sham Peng Tong Loves Blue

Electric blue again. I know how it will finish, electric blue color walls in our apartment. The same blue as in a new Carrie’s flat in Sex and the City cinema version. There are some things that you can not help with… Victoria city, Mahe island, Seychelles.

Anna Sanders Back Stage

19th May, Saturday, Columbus Hotel in Monte Carlo. Back Stage pictures, Anna Sanders Fashion Show in Aide of Amnesty International. The rest of pictures are available on my Facebook page in album “Anna Sanders Back Stage”. Make sure you will “like” the page, if not you will be not able to see all pictures. I have some problems with settings ;/  Pictures will be there till next Friday only. One more time big THANK YOU to Columbus Hotel, Anna Sanders, Adriana, Sylwia, our lovely make up artist, hairdressers and all models!

Mauritius Girl

Mauritius girl (if I have a good memory). I proposed her to have a picture by her own because group picture was destroyed (thank you Polaroid!) and she was not visible. She is so cute. I mean all kids from this kindergarten group definitely are! Seychelles.

Life is a Joke

Life is a Joke! Don’t you think so? It seems to go good with this picture… We should love, smile, laugh and use our lives fullest. No regrets! Cause why should we regret something?   Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted! Photograph was taken in Seychelles, I was so boring on that day…

Timeless Palm Trees

They always look great, they are always in shape, they love to be in the pictures… Lovely palm trees 😉 I hope to publish soon my second “24 hours project” – this time all photographs are going to be green! Let’s make something for the environment. Seychelles.

Once upon a time…


“The alarm clock rang this morning at 7:30. I hate when I have to wake up so early with not good reason. But I just realized why I have to get up. It is a photo shooting day today. I looked through the window and I saw the grey clouds in the sky. “This is not happening” I thought “we need a sunny day”. I had a quick breakfast, grabbed my backpack full of camera’s and rushed to the train station. I did not meet many people on my way. The train station was unusually quiet…”  Few pictures from our photo shooting day for le hatchery. Will be continued.

Super Value

When I saw rainbow sign I knew what I should do. I like the final effect with light leaks on the top. That is why I love my plastic camera, films and there is no need to Photoshop 😉 Small store on Praslin Island, Seychelles.

Parking Forbidden

My Name Day 😉 When I saw this sign on the wall I said “Stand in front of me and shoot” I looked at my dog that was already boring and added “and give me my dog”. If I would see this picture somewhere else I would be jealous that it was not my idea! Where was that? Cuba ? 😉