To: Holidays

“To: Holidays 

From: Here”

Everybody is waiting for holidays, where we can relax and forget about the whole world left behind. And it doesn’t matter if you live in a place where people are coming for their holidays. It is about changing place and refresh our mind. Ones a year go to a place you have never been before!

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Water Play

Do not let the child inside you disappear or die ! Thank you again to my lovely assistant because with You pictures are taken much faster than from the tripod. And I know that to understand my “vision” may not be the easiest thing sometimes…

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Geography lesson


If you could choose one place to go on your holidays where would you go? Would it be place with sandy beaches and palm trees, big city or wild nature in the mountains? Would it be one palace or going through many countries and cities? Our planet is so big… so make sure you choose good!

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Losing time

I don’t want to wake up one day and ask myself : “Where did the time go?”. And why I didn’t do this or that. So why not to put today the best dress that I have and use the best perfumes that I keep for special occasion ? Every day is good to celebrate our lives. A friend of mine has many bottles of expensive wines and champagnes, he keeps them for special day. But now he is very sick and it is forbidden to open them…  So never take anything for granted, enjoy what you have, live each day as if it is your first day of your life!

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Good morning


It is time to wake up! I used to hate the ring of alarm clock. Now I change it for a “dog alarm clock”. Since Christmas every morning he opens the bedroom door. Wags his tail which makes a big noise, hits the floor and the door. After that he tries to jump on the bed. And this is how my days begin.

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