Purple or Red ?



Just married… I mean just developed 😉 I always feel like a kid when I receive my fresh develop pictures. Happiness all day long! No matter what! What color is that? Seychelles.

Summer is Full of Colors


My developed pictures are here! This one comes from “How I know the SUMMER was here” project. One thing is sure summer is full of colors! Viva for all analog photography lovers! How do you think which film I used ? 😉

Naked Cowboy…

If you want to be famous you have to shock nowadays. I have few shocking less or more ideas for my photography. This is one of it. Maybe more funny than shocking but still… 😉 Hope it makes you laugh! Another boring day in Seychelles.

Guess What ?!


Guess what is in the picture… All I can tell you it is INSIDE and photograph was taken in Praslin island, Seychelles. I will give you a response in a few days 😉 Hope it will be a piece of cake!


I believe my dog knows how to dream 😉 Plus he put himself the other day underneath this sign, so what should I think? One thing is sure, summer is full of surprises! Seychelles.

Underneath the Trees

I have an impression that I didn’t post a black and white picture for quite long time… So here it is. Beach in Mahe island, people crowded underneath the trees. They run away from the sun or simply prefer more cooler place. I like the fact that they do not take a lot of place in this picture. So we can see those big trees. And the “first plan” belongs to a piece of wood. Seychelles.