HALDI Pre-Wedding Ceremony, New Delhi, India

Pre-Wedding Haldi Ceremony in India next to few Hindu Weddings I photographed back in the U.S.A. is absolutely different ambiance, especially when it comes to decorations. However, first let me explain a little bit what is Haldi Ceremony all about and why Groom to be is covered with a yellow mixture.
The Haldi Ceremony is the one in which mixed paste of turmeric with sandalwood powder and milk or rose-water is applied to the bride and the groom’s body before their Wedding. It is done to add the glow, to make their skin shine. Its color ushers in a life of prosperity for the couple, who are starting off their new life together.
Application of the paste marks an auspicious start to a new life together with a pure heart and soul. Actually, family members told me “We make Him beautiful for a Bride!”.
This ceremony was also accompanied by traditional songs and dances at times.
Now let’s take a closer look at amazing decor work done by Desinger Events Inc.
As you see I focused myself a lot on decorations, vivid in colors and the endless quantity of fresh flowers.
Can you smell it too? 😉
You have probably noticed a pink wall with so many shoes on, which actually was the wall of a bar.
It was a Jutti Bar made with 72 pairs of Juttis. Jutti is the traditional footwear of Punjab and both families being Punjabi wanted the decor to be everything Punjabi. The Bride loved to wear juttis. That is why the decoration Team put them on the bar – not one, not two but 144 of them!
Next Day was an actual Wedding Day, however, this deserves a space in another post.
Congratulations to Hardit and Geena!
 Pre-Wedding Ceremony Location: Novotel Aerocity, New Delhi, India.

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