Glass Roof

This roof belongs to car garage in the centre of Nice. I found it just because I saw very old car inside. Cars were amazing, all of them in vintage style. And finally sun rays breaking through the old glass roof.

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Airport Passenger

One of the best books about airline industry that I read was Air Babylon, written by Imogen Edwards-Jones & Anonymous. My favourite sentence: “At the airport passengers pack their brains in their suitcases before they arrive; they are always disoriented, distracted and seemingly incapable of looking after themselves. They can lose their passport, their ticket, their luggage, their wife/husband and their mind, all between check-in and the gate… “. It is so real! Remember don’t lose your passport! ūüėČ Marseille Provence Airport, France.

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Plastic Photography

Together with my new camera I received a book… “Do you think your eyes were open? I’m afraid to say that until this very moment they have been closed.”, the first sentence that I read. So yes they are right… Lomography¬†give us a new vision. You can use two different films types 120mm and 35mm, we have unique light leaks, multiple exposures, overlapped exposures and much more. The sad think about all these is that everything cost a money. To develop slide film 120 mm in my “village”¬†costs 20 Euros! And I will just have 12 pictures. The other option “if you are running low on cash” you can put 35 mm, which will give you 16 photographs that go over the sprockets! And this on the top of my “TO DO” list!

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