Plastic Photography

Together with my new camera I received a book… “Do you think your eyes were open? I’m afraid to say that until this very moment they have been closed.”, the first sentence that I read. So yes they are right… Lomography give us a new vision. You can use two different films types 120mm and 35mm, we have unique light leaks, multiple exposures, overlapped exposures and much more. The sad think about all these is that everything cost a money. To develop slide film 120 mm in my “village” costs 20 Euros! And I will just have 12 pictures. The other option “if you are running low on cash” you can put 35 mm, which will give you 16 photographs that go over the sprockets! And this on the top of my “TO DO” list!

Slide Film, Hand, Nails, Colour

3 thoughts on “Plastic Photography

  1. Have you tried developing your own films? A lot would say it’s cheaper and you have more control on how you want your photos to appear. I am looking at a lot of youtube videos on how to do it, it seems pretty simple. I really want to try to do it one day. I’m sure all developing chemicals are readily available on Amazon. 🙂

    1. Yes it is a very good idea. I think first I have to buy a scanner, cause for CD I pay 7 Euros and about 6 Euros for scanning!
      So at the beginning will be good to save 13 Euros on one film!

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