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There are things and people that we simply can not resist. This Ford Mustang was one of those things… ūüėČ That’s our love Baby Blue! I just created gallery on my fun page where Mustang is the main object. Already have few shoots. I want to photograph it in all cool specially vintage places. It is like taking it back in time. “He” deserves it! ūüėČ

California Republic

So here I am… Here we are…. California State, dream of many. Beach, Pacific Ocean and The City… ūüėČ Which city? Any Ideas? If some of you know this city good, picture above should help you a lot ūüėČ

One day I read somewhere “if you want your friends to be¬†jealous¬†tell them you are moving out to California”… will be¬†continued cause I have a lot to say about ¬†it!

Green Hair


Visit in a museum, can not tell you which one for the moment but this is not that important. Green image and this girl with green hair. I was quite lucky to catch that! Irises painted by Vincent van Gogh. I love this connection of colors!

How do I know that the Summer was here? Part III.

Part III and the last form “How do I know that the Summer was here ?” collection. 3rd¬†analogue¬†film. So what make us feel that the Summer was here?Tattoos…Teenagers jumping into the water and wiping theirs noses…People with sun shade umbrellas or without…Flip-flops, air¬†mattresses¬†etc.¬†Crowded¬†shore…Ownerless shoes…And God bless SHADOW People ūüėČ

Much more photographs soon on my Facebook page from this film. Already you can see two other films there. Enjoy!


Sprocket Black and White Summer Edition



The second film “How do I know that the Summer was here?” collection.This beach during summer season is very crowded, loud and dirty. Water became to be clear in September after all crowds are gone.But as you see hot summer days can not stop nobody to stay away from the beach.More pictures from sprocket black and white you will find on my¬†Facebook¬†page.¬†


How do I know that the Summer was here?

The first film, beach Passable in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, France. Summer 2012. “How do I know that the Summer was here?” collection. So how do we know that the Summer was here, let’s see…Children with swimming glasses…Baskets / bags with drinks, beach towels…People hiding¬†underneath¬†sun shades umbrellas…Taking photographs, wearing huts…Reading books…And of course sunbathing… The rest on my Facebook page¬† Make sure you like it… ūüėČ Second series soon !