Spring Time



Don’t you think so? 😉 Los Angeles (cause not all California) is quite lucky place with two seasons only, spring and summer. In one week everything is falling down from the trees to bloom again just a month after that. Fast and furious 😉 Greetings from “Los Falling Angels”. Happy and Fast Spring to Everyone!




09110027 copy I finally got my films developed! So what I found inside and totally forgot about were some shoots from home number two France and home number three Poland. 09110032 copy My favorite grape vine picture. 09110031 copy


Pictures from south of France. Look forward 😉

A Story About Idyll Life

Polish HomePolish houses. I wish to own a home like this. Cozy and simply happy.Polish HomePoland And never-ending fields. My idyll life in our home (home number three). Can not wait to breathe this air into my lungs again.Blueberry MonsterRelax and take live easy. My private blueberry Monster 😉

Extraordinary Only

The Getty

The 2012 in pictures:

Selection for the Ace x Impossible online Gallery,

Photo shooting for “le hatchery”, France,

Back stage photographer Anna Sanders fashion show, Monaco,

Pictures in English magazine New Indies,

Photographer “le hatchery” fashion show, Monaco,

Pictures in the “101 ways to do something Impossible” book,

One Year In: Photos on Instant Analog Film – Gallery Show, New York City,

Picture emitted in Los Angeles TV News “KTLA 5”,

Picture in online gallery “L.A. Canvas”.

The Getty

What next? I hope just and only extraordinary 😉

The Getty

The Getty Museum, Los Angeles. Shape and this white color goes great with blue sky. I truly love that mix. Do you?