They are Gone

I am very sad. This time my 35 shots of pictures are gone! Excuse me, they are simply wasted! When you use old camera I guess quite all can happen… This time I was more than unlucky. Just ONE from all 36 exposures came out to be good. Why? The shutter is not opening each time. I put new batteries to cheek it but we have a bigger problem in here. Next time when I will be in town I have to bring old Canon to photo lab. Maybe they could help, there is a slim hope. I regret a lot specially one photograph of two children. They were so cute… Thanks God I have with me four more cameras 😉

Cemetery. Seychelles.


Blue Sky

Number second out of 12 unique old style pictures. Whole film is destroyed a lot so that is why final effect is like the one above. Seychelles.

Relax on Veranda

When you live on the island separated from the rest of the world you can forget about Christmas gifts! Seriously! I tried today to buy a gift on-line. Well known brand. So here is the result: on ‘us website’ this company does not currently provide international shipping. OK then, deep breath and I found french site with the same mark. And what? They just send products inside France. My last option was to arrange it with friend in France, but it is not possible to pay! Anyway I hope your time before Christmas is more relaxed! Like the one above 😉

On the picture is one of the oldest French colonial architecture. The house was built in 1855. The floor boards, ceiling beams and entrance doors are original. Victoria, Mahe Island, Seychelles.

Gecko Shadow

Lizards and geckos. They are everywhere. You open a shelf, he is in there. You look at the wall he is in there. To my room usually come one couple, boy and girl. They run after each other on our wall and make funny sounds. The same as me they love chocolate. On the photograph there is a gecko inside the hotel lamp. Mahé island,Seychelles.

Clean up Seychelles

I guess last time it was in high school when I took part in “Cleaning the World” action. This time was different. Nobody drug me for that. I took plastic bag, put my  galoshes and I went to clean Seychelles. Maybe some of you will ask me why? Answer is quite simple. Every day I find at the beach bottles, and even worse a pieces of glass. I don’t have to tell you what if somebody will step on that! Place where I went to look for mostly broken glass is a mangrove. What means everything bad is in there. Question, for how long time ? First place belongs to bottles and broken glass, second place porcelain plates, third place batteries. Please think before you threw away a bottle to the water! Keep our world clean, more clean… Anyway I found two vintage bottles, ones in dated on 1920’s and still I have to “google” coins that I found and pieces of looking very old porcelain plates… you never know what you can find 😉

On the photograph is garbage truck, the only one our village.