The Bridal Glam

We planned a glam bridal photo session, then the snowstorm hit. I reveal even more this was the only day when it snowed during the whole winter in Poland. Can you imagine? Only for one day!? The next morning everything was melted. Most importantly snowstorm did not ruin our spirits. I was extremely happy for such rough weather conditions… but hey, I guess it wasn’t about me, fully dressed up in a long winter jacket and boots I got from Canada.

Shout out to our fearless Bride, dressed in a beautiful vintage wedding dress with transparent sleeves, what gave the feeling ‘without sleeves; and bare feet wearing high heels. On top of everything you could hear me saying during the shoot ‘Can you pretend like it is freezing cold?’ 😉

We took pictures in front of an abandoned house, luckily the door entrance was under a small roof which gave kind of a safe place to hide from the snow.

Model: Yuliia Rudenko juliiarudenko

Makeup: Dorota Olkowska  BellbeMakeup

Hairstyle: Dorota Olkowska BellbeMakeup

Vintage Wedding Dress & Veil & Shoes:  comes from my private collection, all for sale 😉

Location: Warsaw, Poland


Wedding Photography: Miami, FL, Houston TX, Poland, and anywhere where you say “I do!”.


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