Maternity Milk Bath

New Year New Beginnings for many of us out there… Some people are expecting a Baby Boy to come to this World, others are opening an online company, in a meantime somewhere in the North Pole one man is starting a new job in a high voltage sector, some of you are making plans for a Wedding with By Niki Photography or By Niki Photography Team, myself with a New Year I got my wings back and planning to expand with photography on a new markets however the dominant target is Florida.

But let’s come back to the main subject on this post! As you probably realized, I mostly post Weddings on my website. Meaning those photographs are somehow magical to me!

I had a great honor to photograph my Dear Friend Magda and I am beyond thankful for trusting me on this one! During first phone conversation we had, I was told I can decide on what kind of maternity session it will be… it took me a while and I almost shouted out to the phone “we have to do Milk Bath!” and you know what? She looks more beautiful than ever!

Milk Bath photo shoots are my real obsession recently… one thing is sure I won’t do the same session again! Each time it must be different, different colors, flowers or whatever I decide to soak in (top secret for the moment).

Winter is a great moment to do that! It is indoors, warm, relaxing and not many people I personally know took part in such a photo adventure. And if you happen to think about unique photo session, shoot me an email to

No, you don’t need a bathtub at home!

Milk bath recommendations:



Trash the Dress,


Location: By Niki Photography Studio

Future Mother to Be: Magda

Milk bath stylization: By Niki

Makeup:  BellbeMakeup

Hairstyle: BellbeMakeup

Huge THANK YOU to BellbeMakeup!

For your great job but at the same time for your precious help as an Assistant!

Happy New Everything Dears!

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