Maternity Milk Bath

New Year New Beginnings for many of us out there… Some people are expecting a Baby Boy to come to this World, others are opening an online company, in a meantime somewhere in the North Pole one man is starting a new job in a high voltage sector, some of you are making plans for a Wedding with By Niki Photography or By Niki Photography Team, myself with a New Year I got my wings back and planning to expand with photography on a new markets however the dominant target is Florida.

But let’s come back to the main subject on this post! As you probably realized, I mostly post Weddings on my website. Meaning those photographs are somehow magical to me!

I had a great honor to photograph my Dear Friend Magda and I am beyond thankful for trusting me on this one! During first phone conversation we had, I was told I can decide on what kind of maternity session it will be… it took me a while and I almost shouted out to the phone “we have to do Milk Bath!” and you know what? She looks more beautiful than ever!

Milk Bath photo shoots are my real obsession recently… one thing is sure I won’t do the same session again! Each time it must be different, different colors, flowers or whatever I decide to soak in (top secret for the moment).

Winter is a great moment to do that! It is indoors, warm, relaxing and not many people I personally know took part in such a photo adventure. And if you happen to think about unique photo session, shoot me an email to

No, you don’t need a bathtub at home!

Milk bath recommendations:



Trash the Dress,


Location: By Niki Photography Studio

Future Mother to Be: Magda

Milk bath stylization: By Niki

Makeup:  BellbeMakeup

Hairstyle: BellbeMakeup

Huge THANK YOU to BellbeMakeup!

For your great job but at the same time for your precious help as an Assistant!

Happy New Everything Dears!


Drown in LOVE

‘Drown in LOVE’ is one of my recent photography projects that was in my mind for some time and finally, it became alive. Milk Baths are my recent photography obsessions. Great for Bridal Portraits or rather Trash the Dress, Maternity, Fashion and much more! I could not help myself when I saw how it looked through the viewfinder…. and the effect of that you can see on my Instagram! Shout out to Model Monsieur Jacob! Great job! Location: By Niki Photography Studio.

Wedding Photographer: Miami, FL, Houston TX and anywhere where you say “I do!”.


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5 Amazing Angels

Angels (1)

Angels (2)

Angels (3)

Angels (4)

Angels (5)

Angels (6)

Angels (7)

Angels (8)

Angels (9)

Angels (10)

Angels (11)

Angels (12)

Angels (13)

I invited five attractive blonde Ladies to join me with my new project. The panoramic long photograph with Ladies wearing just angel wings…  plus lipstick, nail polish etc. And here are the effects of our work together. Are you speechless too? Loud standing ovations to all our beautiful Models: Adriana, Alicja, Gosia, Paula and Sandra!

Just got this funny text lately, right on time: ‘We Ladies: I do not read instructions. I press all buttons till it works. I am not moody, but ’emotional flexible’! The most beautiful words: let’s go shopping. Forgive and forget? Either I am not a God, or I do not have Alzheimer’s. Women are like Angels. If you break out our wings… we simply continue to fly on a broomstick. When God created a Man, he promised to find our ideal Guy on each corner… and then he created the Earth round!!! On my grave will be a sign: ‘What are you staring at? I would rather be on the beach!’ Yes, cause we Ladies are unique…’

Zaprosiłam pięć atrakcyjnych blond Kobiet by przyłączyły się do mojego nowego projektu. Panoramiczne długie zdjęcie z Aniołami ubranymi tylko w skrzydła… plus szminka, lakier do paznokci etc. A to są rezultaty naszej pracy razem. Czy Wy również zaniemówiliście? Głośne owacje na stojąco dla naszych pięknych Modelek: Adriana, Alicja, Gosia, Paula i Sandra.

Tym również wpisem chcę zaprosić Was do mojego studia fotograficznego (7km od Grodziska Mazowieckiego i 2km od trasy Katowickiej) jak i do zdjęć w plenerze na terenie całego kraju ale i nie tylko. Z okazji ze jestem teraz tutaj, dysponuje wolnymi terminami na sesje ślubne, narzeczeńskie oraz na takie jakie Wam się tylko zamarzą (hmm kolejny Aniołek?) . Możecie pisać na maila:

Dostałam ten zabawny tekst ostatnio, akurat na czas: ‘My Kobiety: Nie czytam instrukcji. Wciskam guziki, aż zadziała. Nie jestem rozkapryszona, tylko “emocjonalnie elastyczna”! Najpiękniejsze słowa świata: “Idę na zakupy”. Przebaczyć i zapomnieć? Ani nie jestem Bogiem, ani nie mam Alzheimera! My kobiety jesteśmy Aniołami, a gdy się nam podetnie skrzydła, lecimy dalej – na miotle! Gdy Bóg stworzył mężczyznę, obiecał, ze idealnego faceta będzie można spotkać na każdym rogu….a potem uczynił Ziemię okrągłą!!! Na moim nagrobku będzie napis: “Co się głupio gapisz? Też bym wolała leżeć teraz na plaży!” Tak tak…my kobiety jesteśmy bowiem jedyne w swoim rodzaju…’



Reaching Out for the Stars

Reaching Out for the Stars (1) Reaching Out for the Stars (2) Reaching Out for the Stars (3) Reaching Out for the Stars (4) Reaching Out for the Stars (5) Reaching Out for the Stars (6) Reaching Out for the Stars (7) Reaching Out for the Stars (8) Reaching Out for the Stars (9) Reaching Out for the Stars (10)

Double and multiple exposures are my favorite ‘things to do’ (next to film photography). I love the way it always turned out to be so artistic, creative and chaotic at the same time. Are you ready for a unique photo session like that? Please let me know! Location: Manvel, Texas (the horse ranch). Want to decorate your home or office space with my work? All photographs are available for sale, custom-made sizes as well different variety of finishing materials (paper, wood, glass, metal etc.). For inquiry please drop me a line to: or simply give a call at: 281 435 8817.

Project: One Face Many Faces

One Face Many Faces One Face Many Faces (1) One Face Many Faces (2) One Face Many Faces (3) One Face Many Faces (4) One Face Many Faces (5) One Face Many Faces (6) One Face Many Faces (7) One Face Many Faces (8) One Face Many Faces (9) One Face Many Faces (10) One Face Many Faces (11) One Face Many Faces (12) One Face Many Faces (13) One Face Many Faces (14) One Face Many Faces (15) One Face Many Faces (16) One Face Many Faces (17) One Face Many Faces (18) One Face Many Faces (19) One Face Many Faces (20) One Face Many Faces (21) One Face Many Faces (22)

Presenting my Online (so far) Gallery Project: ‘One Face Many Faces’. This is a collection of 23 Self Portraits. I want to show how a face may chance during everyday life. Huge Thanks goes to: very talented Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist Agnieszka Ściśniak! Her work (Indian, Pin Up, Turban, Princess and Clown). For the rest of images make up was done by my own. On some pictures there is no make up at all. Big thanks to my Tripod as well 😉 Location: By Niki Photography Studio.

Industrial Area as a Location for your Business.

shoot photo

Business Wednesday no. 7

If you wish to open a photography studio that services industrial and commercial clients then location outside the town could suit your needs. Those businesses do not depend on foot traffic or high visibility. Rents in industrial areas are usually reasonable. Those buildings are designed with open space in mind and it should not be too expensive to modify for commercial studio use. An industrial area would not work very well for portrait studio because it is usually to far out of the way for an average consumer.

Here I want to share with you one example. Last time I photo shoot Wedding renewal in a huge photography studio. This studio has big open space with so many props each photographer could dream of. From bricks to build the walls through wooden desks, tables etc. Studio itself produce an amazing food photography! That is why they have a kitchen facilities and they are able to rent space for many kinds of events like weddings etc. What means more money to pay your rent!

Last location for your business is the shopping center. People go to malls to shop but as well to walk around and meet with others. Shopping centers realize the value of this foot traffic and charge extremely high per square foot per year. More established photography studios can generate the dollar volume to warrant the high rent. I like the fact that you can bump on photo booths in a malls and have a funny pictures at a low price.

Want to add something? Share your thoughts with us.