From Polish Wedding with LOVE

They say LOVE is a Trip.

They say True LOVE is the Trip of a lifetime!

I have the great honor to present you such a beautiful couple Milena & Mikołaj and photographs from a Polish Wedding. Here you only have a chance to see my favorite selection of outdoor shoot we took after the Ceremony. I recommend to check out as well portrait pictures of Bride Milena in a separate post here Bridal Portraits. I can not be happier about all those cool spots we found! Wedding Location: Warsaw, Poland.

Wedding Photographer: Miami, FL, Houston TX, Poland and anywhere where you say “I do!”.


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Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portraits is an absolute MUST HAVE in my photography dictionary. After looking at all of those images above, don’t you agree? There are two methods of doing that kind of sessions, the most popular is Bridal Portrait Session planned days or even months ahead of a Wedding Day. Later on, most of Brides decide on having printed canvas, photo album or a slight show during Wedding Day as a surprise for guests and Husband. Advantages are endless for this photography sessions from testing wedding makeup, hairstyle, fitting dress and having pictures taken in a beautiful location of your choice etc.

Therefore I introduced long time ago Bridal Portraits for all destination Weddings, taken on a Wedding Day. I believe each Bride deserves having that kind of pictures. That is why I try to generate (sometimes even I beg!) for 20 up to 30 minutes with Bride and Groom only, on a Wedding Day. In a meantime, I shoot my Couple together as well Bride and Groom separately. We do it before or after the Ceremony. However my focus remains mostly on a Bride, don’t blame me, please!

In Bridal Portraits taken above, we had approximately mentioned time-frame for pictures to take. Straight after Ceremony, we rushed to the nearest park. And those are the results. Right now I am in a process of designing high-end Wedding Photo Album, follow my Instagram to see how it goes! Wedding Date June 16th, 2018. Amazing Bride: Milena.

Wedding Photographer: Miami, FL, Houston TX and anywhere where you say “I do!”.


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The Moody Mansion Wedding, Galveston Island, Texas


I think part of them knew the second they saw each other that this would happen… It must be the inexplicable feeling that is coming along with it. And we call it LOVE.

Once upon a time a few Weddings ago Trisha and Charles said their “I dos” in this beautiful historic mansion in heart of Galveston Island, Texas. After my arrival at the Moody Mansion, I took Bride’s and Groom’s portraits first my favorite part I guess, later on, I photographed as well Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. After Ceremony Trisha and Charles literally got the Wings of Happiness and danced/flew away from the aisle. Since Wedding Venue is located few steps away from the beach, guests could change uncomfortable shoes and dance in black or white flip-flops.

Wedding Location: The Moody Mansion, Galveston Island, Texas, U.S.A

Wedding Photographer: Miami, FL, Houston TX and Europe 

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+1 520 447 5922 (USA)


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