Travel with Style

travel with style

If one picture tells a thousand words… that might be the one… no words necessary (well fine, last weekend was sooo busy with photo shoots and I need to work now a lot).

Model: Marie,

MUA & Hair Stylist: Erica,

Stylist: Vania.

Location: Houston.

Soon you will see more pictures of our work from outside of Houston.

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California Girl

California Girl 1 California Girl California Girl 2 Work of Art and Team! Cause how do you want to describe all efforts that have been done to achieve this final photographs. Let me get that closer to you… I am meeting with all crew members. Which is myself, Mode Marie, Make Up Artist/Hair Stylist Erica, Stylist Vania and two Little Assistants. However it is a very nasty weather! It is raining and getting dark. We were hoping for a nice sunset… well not today! We keep our precious model inside the car, the rest of us discus about reschedule photo shoot for another day (mostly me and MUA, we want to have the best result possible out of our work). After 20 minutes of discussion rain is stopping (more or less) and we are deciding to photo shoot. In the situations like that I thank God for inventing raining jacket for my camera! 😉 For last shoots I decide to shoot with flash, what helps to pop out the amazing bike… More pictures on my Facebook Fun Page and here later on. Senior Photo Shoot. Location: Houston, Texas. Interested in  photo shoot? Drop me a line to:




Photograph was taken around a year ago for ONE organization. The picture  belongs to a series of three images. ONE fight against extreme poverty. Homeless man in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Pastel Venice

Pastel Venice


One of many shoots of Venice, California. But this one is more special to me cause it was taken with a film camera. What the most funny is that this camera is not even mine! But I am not going to give it back to nobody, no matter what! I hope you can keep this secret and do not tell to no one 😉




It’s been a long time I know… So many things happened lately that I do not know where to start. Life in L.A. start to be boring, believe it or not. I even planned a road trip in continental US… but I do not want to see one more desert and rocks. Choice was more simple than I thought: Hawaii. I promise to update few photos. Above photograph: curves everywhere I look 😉 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks

To all 1000 Followers!



I’ve just realised I’ve reached over 1000 followers! I want to say THANK YOU  to each of you! Even if I do not hear from some of you often. All your comments and each “like” cause a huge smile on my face and inner happiness. We like in a world where almost everybody owns a camera. So that is why I appreciate you even more. Poster was made by me. Made in L.A. 😉 Thank you!