Industrial Area as a Location for your Business.

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Business Wednesday no. 7

If you wish to open a photography studio that services industrial and commercial clients then location outside the town could suit your needs. Those businesses do not depend on foot traffic or high visibility. Rents in industrial areas are usually reasonable. Those buildings are designed with open space in mind and it should not be too expensive to modify for commercial studio use. An industrial area would not work very well for portrait studio because it is usually to far out of the way for an average consumer.

Here I want to share with you one example. Last time I photo shoot Wedding renewal in a huge photography studio. This studio has big open space with so many props each photographer could dream of. From bricks to build the walls through wooden desks, tables etc. Studio itself produce an amazing food photography! That is why they have a kitchen facilities and they are able to rent space for many kinds of events like weddings etc. What means more money to pay your rent!

Last location for your business is the shopping center. People go to malls to shop but as well to walk around and meet with others. Shopping centers realize the value of this foot traffic and charge extremely high per square foot per year. More established photography studios can generate the dollar volume to warrant the high rent. I like the fact that you can bump on photo booths in a malls and have a funny pictures at a low price.

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Welcome to Business Wednesday no.5.

Continuation on choosing the best location for your business. Today main street location pros and cons.

Main street advantages:

  • Ease of public access,
  • Walk in traffic,
  • Higher visibility,
  • More respectability,
  • More signs, front window displays etc.,
  • When you’re closed, you’re closed. Nobody knocking on your door on your day off and after hours,
  • More usable space than average home.

Main street disadvantages:

  • Expensive (more than home business, less than shopping mall, in general),
  • Two rents to pay your home/apartment and your business on the main street (unless you are a lucky owner of your place),
  • Time and cost of travelling,
  • Parking can be a problem.
  • No kids at work (so additional money for Nanny or dropping them off to grandparents – time and cost of travelling again! Unless you are creative parents and you design small playground space for your Little Ones).
  • If this is photography studio business then  must be managed during regular business hours requiring at least two people most of the time (one shoot, one to be a receptionist).

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