Paint Your Life Colourful


Well, well, well… what can I say?  Soon you will have a chance to see some other photography projects of mine from different places than Seychelles. After that I will take you to a new place for some time. All I can say about it: high palm trees, sun and the ocean with sandy beaches = different side of planet Earth 😉 Happy guessing! Painting above I painted by my own. Created in Seychelles.

Follow the Sun


Sometimes things are simple as that. I know few crazy people who could leave just like that. And I am one of them… 😉 By the way I should start to prepare my suitcases! Early morning in Praslin Island, Seychelles.

Let’s Fish


This week is going to be extremely busy. Here and not only. I have more and more pictures to share with you and more and more new places to show. Be ready! Fishing boat arrival on Mahé Island, Seychelles.

Double Shadow ?!

How is it possible to photograph a double shadow of this couple? Free spirit? Any ideas? I have just an only one… Will share it soon with you. I am very interested what you think! Film photography. Beach in Seychelles, Mahé island.

Security First




When I look through pictures that win first places in a photography competitions I have to admit one thing I want to go to war countries. Or places where catastrophe took a place etc.  That kind of pictures are winners nowadays. Ugly truth… From the other side can you explain me how is it possible to take a picture of a crying kid that dad was just killed ?! Where are those people feelings standing behind cameras ? Where are the borders ? Are there any ? Picture above: Victoria, Mahé island, Seychelles. Security of the president during carnival.

It Could be an Art…


… or even it is but don’t you see something wrong? For me it is obvious pictures are blur (double exposure). I still don’t know how to explain this… Some photographs with “error” are an art to me. To much ISO, blur, strange frame etc. I sill love perfection but sometimes… 😉 On the photograph Grand Anse, La Digue Island, Seychelles. It was easy to get here downhill by bike, but quite difficult to come back…