A Week In My Life as a Photographer

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After each photo shoot I answer questions like: ‘When my/our pictures are going to be ready?’. That is why I have decided to share with you my ‘typical’ week as a photographer and give an idea how I organize my job. My week starts on Friday (cool ha?) and during the weekends I photo shoot family photo sessions, events, weddings etc. Here there is usually no time to work on pictures… On Mondays (through Thursdays) I edit pictures. Over those 4 days I also photo shoot everything else that could be done during weekdays. So for example if your photo session was on Friday, that means I am going to start to edit your pictures on Monday/Tuesday. Usually it takes one up to two (during high season) weeks to deliver ready pictures to you. There is also a ‘Need for Speed’ option for you who can not wait (magazines, newspapers, those with deadlines etc. ) and your pictures are ready in 24 up to 48 hours (depends on how many hours we worked together). And that is how my ‘typical week’ looks like … 😉 Photographs above: Surfside Beach, Texas. Looking for a photographer in Houston area or anywhere nation-wide? Drop me a line to: by.niki@yahoo.com or simply give me a call at: 281-435-8817.

Surfside Beach

Surf Side Surf Side Beach


Weekend with my boys at the beach. Great place to forget about it all, if there is something you wish to forget about 😉 Accommodation is quite expensive for a weekend here so it is better to stay in a 5 star luxury hotel for a night. What will be still cheeper. However any hotel does not look so cute like those beach houses.  Surfside Beach, Texas.

Godforsaken Hole


Picture from north of France. Calmness and at the same time the strongest winds I have ever experienced. That is left behind (again) and even much more you can imagine. Bye bye “temporary home” . Ready for new adventures? Hell, yes I am!




How would you react while were posing half-naked saw your future mother in law? Well… this is exactly how I behaved 😉 After that I went back to work anyway! No mercy… 😉

How do I know that the Summer was here? Part III.

Part III and the last form “How do I know that the Summer was here ?” collection. 3rd analogue film. So what make us feel that the Summer was here?Tattoos…Teenagers jumping into the water and wiping theirs noses…People with sun shade umbrellas or without…Flip-flops, air mattresses etc. Crowded shore…Ownerless shoes…And God bless SHADOW People 😉

Much more photographs soon on my Facebook page from this film. Already you can see two other films there. Enjoy!


How do I know that the Summer was here?

The first film, beach Passable in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, France. Summer 2012. “How do I know that the Summer was here?” collection. So how do we know that the Summer was here, let’s see…Children with swimming glasses…Baskets / bags with drinks, beach towels…People hiding underneath sun shades umbrellas…Taking photographs, wearing huts…Reading books…And of course sunbathing… The rest on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/bynikiwordpresscom/170912619637460?fref=ts. Make sure you like it… 😉 Second series soon !

Cagnes Sur Mer

I was forced to stay in this town with four-kilometres pebble beach for few whiles. Maybe not that forced because I had my plastic camera with me. There are many apartments to rent in modern blocks of flats like on the photograph above with seaside view. There are located as well few campings where I used to come with my parents many years ago. In my opinion there is one big minus when you finally get here: NO SAND at the beach… just stones.

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