Black Widow

Black Widow

Photo Shoot Location: France,

Stylization: By Niki (vintage goods),

Model: this you should already know…

Happy guessing!




The Kings

The Kings


Last days in my photography studio back in France. I will miss those moments. But new adventures wait to be discovered. Representing French and Belgian Kings. I am just not sure which King is bigger than the other but I can easily tell which one  is loooonger 😉

Godforsaken Hole


Picture from north of France. Calmness and at the same time the strongest winds I have ever experienced. That is left behind (again) and even much more you can imagine. Bye bye “temporary home” . Ready for new adventures? Hell, yes I am!




How would you react while were posing half-naked saw your future mother in law? Well… this is exactly how I behaved 😉 After that I went back to work anyway! No mercy… 😉

Lavender Fields





Lavender Fields


Finally back to France as you can tell 🙂 My photography dream came true! Lavender fields in Provence! And this amazing smell all around, priceless.



Long way to get there I have to admit, it was not just behind a corner. But it was worth it! Do you have photography dreams too?


09110027 copy I finally got my films developed! So what I found inside and totally forgot about were some shoots from home number two France and home number three Poland. 09110032 copy My favorite grape vine picture. 09110031 copy


Pictures from south of France. Look forward 😉

Sprocket Black and White Summer Edition



The second film “How do I know that the Summer was here?” collection.This beach during summer season is very crowded, loud and dirty. Water became to be clear in September after all crowds are gone.But as you see hot summer days can not stop nobody to stay away from the beach.More pictures from sprocket black and white you will find on my Facebook page.


Opening collection “How do I know that the summer was here?”


From today on you will see series of three months summer collection photographs titled “How do I know that the summer was here?”. Two different cameras, three different films but the same place. Just analog photography. Total quantity of photographs is about 80. Because of that some of them will be posted just and only on my Facebook page.

Make sure you like the page if not you will be not able to see all.

How do you know that the summer was here? 😉