H-Town Love

H-Town Love (3) H-Town Love (4) H-Town Love (5) H-Town Love (6) H-Town Love (7) H-Town Love (8) H-Town Love (9)H-Town LoveH-Town Love (1)H-Town Love (2)Stylish wedding in the middle of downtown Houston. 1958 Rolls Royce was a great prop for the Day 😉 During reception guests were writing their best wishes for Newlyweds on big photograph printed on canvas from the Couple’s engagement photo session. I was really glad to see that because I took this picture as well 😉 Congratulations and best wishes to Christine and Edward! Looking for a photographer? Drop me a line to: by.niki@yahoo.com

By Niki Collection

By Niki Collection

By Niki Collection, made by myself. It reflects my passion for fashion. Contains 4 selected images.

By Niki Collection (3)

As you see you do not need to wear something expensive to look like a “rock star”! 😉

By Niki Collection (2)

Cutouts from fashion magazines transformed into a skirt and airline T-shirt transformed into a sleeveless shirt.

By Niki Collection (1)

Big thanks to my devoted Little Assistant for this roof photo shooting! The Collection is not for sale.

Roof Pool

Roof Pool

This photograph reminds me very first picture on my blog. It was a pool next to amazing blue hotel wall in Miami Beach, Florida. The most silly thing about that was the fact that for the first few months nobody knew about existence of my blog. I simply did not know about tags and categories. So during 3 to 6 months I did not have a single visitor! It makes me laugh today. On the day when I realized that, I was blessed by your very first comments and very first, very second and third “like”. It was a great life lesson. No matter what, never give up in your life. It might take a little bit longer than you think… But it is coming!

Photograph above : An afternoon walk in Van Nuys, California.

The Most Famous Entrance

Main Entrance


Another photo taken for very 1st printed edition of Made In Monaco Magazine. However I do not think that you will have a chance to see this picture there, so there it is. The most famous entrance in Monaco I can bet. The stairs and the entrance photographed by thousands tourists every single day. Do you already know where was this photo shooting done?

Tell me a story about downtown L.A.

Tell me a story about downtown L.A.

Do you believe in bus stop that can take you to South Hope? 😉 I do! Only in downtown L.A.

00070031 copy

Sun reflection… ah 😉

00070008 copy

Two men, One Way and Two Giraffes…

00070016 copy

More Sun…

00070029 copy

Left or Straight? Choice is yours 😉 If you want to see the rest of the story please visit my Facebook fun page with more than 20 photographs in album: “Tell me a story about downtown L.A.”


See you there!


Lost in the Details

Lost in the Details


Downtown L.A. and in action my lovely plastic camera 😉 I like this effect where buildings and street are kind of blur and people crossing zebra are visible two times, some of them seem to disappear like a ghosts… Are you lost in the details?