Engagement, Miami Beach, Cam and Javon

Apparently pouring rain in Miami Beach, 20 minutes before our Engagement Photo Session had a great outcome, empty South Beach. I met this lovely Couple at Great Bridal Expo in downtown Miami, where I was one of the vendors with my Wedding Photography. I never met so many Future Brides and Grooms in one day! The atmosphere was amazing, Love was in the Air cause so many Couples were in love and everybody was planning a Wedding.

But let’s come back to the photo session above. Cam and Javon are absolutely lovely Couple. We had so much fun working together, especially when our prop – round ball decided to leave us. We all could not stop laughing! However Javon caught it 😉  Cam is also a Positive Influencer so make sure to check Her Instagram

By the way, can you imagine this is my first day at home/my real desk since the Expo? Guess what was I doing today? Unpacking two suitcases from the recent trip to Miami, unpacking one suitcase from Paris and Cape Verde and packing one suitcase for another 10 days travel! Leaving tomorrow again 😉

Wedding Photographer: Miami, FL, Houston TX and anywhere where you say “I do!”.

E-mail: by.niki@yahoo.com 

Niki +48 698 593 160 (FaceTime, WhatsApp)

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