Beach Wedding and 2016 Wedding Trends

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     The pictures above illustrate the beach wedding I photographed in late December 2015. The location was dreamy, beautiful and surrounded by fog. This in my opinion is the best example of how important your location is to your photographs. In the modern world we live and how rushed we’ve become with life we get lost how nature can really enhance your photographs. This beautiful couple, Rain and Alex chose a maritime theme. Decorations included fishing nets, shells, sailing ropes and wedding guests received an invitation in a bottle. Our location for this event was the beach house in Galveston Island, Texas.
     What 2016 will bring to the wedding community? Finally everyone’s wedding should be an individual complement of each couples personality. But at the same time it is hard to resist to the newest trends in weddings… Let’s look together into the future.
Photography:  Film Photography is on its way back. And I could not be happier about that. Film enhancement can match the creativity of all beautiful wedding settings. Original yet unique!
Wedding Dress: I am seeing the change in wedding dresses from traditional white dresses being replaced by pastel colors as well as crop tops with full skirts.
Flowers: the bride’s bouquets being made out of fabrics and flowers mixed in with natural ingredients.
Wedding Colors: I do see in 2016 the colors of weddings changing to anything but pastel colors with mixed metallic accents.
Must have Decoration : a backdrop of paper flowers on a wall for photographs!
Invitations: 3D style cards or video invitations would be a chosen style. Always trendy photo wedding invitations!
And for the couples in rush “pop up weddings”.

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