The Girl with a Bow

Ro 1 Ro 2 Ro 3 Ro 4 Ro 5 Ro 6 Ro 7

When I am attending Weddings (as a photographer) obviously I focus the most on a Newlyweds. However while food is being served I have a time to focus on decorations, place itself, and children 😉 Cute Little Ro was absolutely adorable! I love Her outfit from head to toes. I wish this dress came in my size! Location: Richmond, Texas. Looking for a photographer in Houston area or anywhere nation-wide? Drop me a line to: or simply give me a call at: 281 – 435 – 8817.


5 thoughts on “The Girl with a Bow

  1. Absolutely love this! You did an amazing job at our wedding. Especially this photographs of my cute little niece! Thank you.

    1. Dearest Blaine, pleasure on my side! I had amazing models, wonderful place and a great light… Therefore I simply could not stop to take pictures 😉 Thank you!

  2. Beautiful photos,, wedding and photographer by the way.. Niki is marvelous,, sweet kind and very professional

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