Cactus Impressions

cactus impressions 1 cactus impressions 2 cactus impressions 3 cactus impressions 4 cactus impressions 5 cactus impressions 6 cactus impressions 7 cactus impressions 8

In my opinion the best pictures are taken while I wander around by myself. I have a time for more creative pictures, I can experiment or simply play with my camera. Sunny hot afternoon, big open space, me, my camera, toll boots (watch out for snakes!) and no water… One day I had a hard choice which camera to choose Canon or Nikon, because it seems there is  always a ‘war’ which one is better. And there is never a simple answer. Anyway good photographer is going to take an amazing shoot using a cell phone camera, right? 😉 My choice was actually very simple back then. The camera that allows me to take more pictures using multiple exposures! Canon ‘Yes, I can’. Location: Tucson, Arizona. Looking for a photographer in Houston area or anywhere nation-wide? Drop me a line to: or simply give me a call at: 281 – 435 – 8817


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