A Week In My Life as a Photographer

My Week (1) My Week (2) My Week (3) My Week (4) My Week (5) My Week (6) My Week (7) My Week (8) My Week (9)

After each photo shoot I answer questions like: ‘When my/our pictures are going to be ready?’. That is why I have decided to share with you my ‘typical’ week as a photographer and give an idea how I organize my job. My week starts on Friday (cool ha?) and during the weekends I photo shoot family photo sessions, events, weddings etc. Here there is usually no time to work on pictures… On Mondays (through Thursdays) I edit pictures. Over those 4 days I also photo shoot everything else that could be done during weekdays. So for example if your photo session was on Friday, that means I am going to start to edit your pictures on Monday/Tuesday. Usually it takes one up to two (during high season) weeks to deliver ready pictures to you. There is also a ‘Need for Speed’ option for you who can not wait (magazines, newspapers, those with deadlines etc. ) and your pictures are ready in 24 up to 48 hours (depends on how many hours we worked together). And that is how my ‘typical week’ looks like … 😉 Photographs above: Surfside Beach, Texas. Looking for a photographer in Houston area or anywhere nation-wide? Drop me a line to: by.niki@yahoo.com or simply give me a call at: 281-435-8817.


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