dreamydreamy (1)Who am I? Photographer, Traveller, Day Dreamer, Fashion Victim, Lonely Unicorn… I have lived in few places in the world: New York, New Jersey, Qatar, France, Seychelles, Los Angeles and Houston. Why? World is too beautiful to stay in one place 😉 And I can be happy with two suitcases anywhere. I started my website few years ago to show my photographs to others. This place is for those who would like to view my work, get inspired, see new places and get your favourite pictures for home/office decor. Lately I worked on my online gallery project which contains 23 images of the same face: https://byniki.wordpress.com/2014/08/08/project-one-face-many-faces/ Those who come here visit I hope you will be back cause this place is  ‘made you look’ 😉 Location: Houston, Texas but I am willing to travel very far 😉 Looking for a photographer? Drop me a line to: by.niki@yahoo.com


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