Top 5 reasons every bride should book a Pre-Bridal Session

Jenny (5)Jenny (1)Jenny (3)Jenny (6)Jenny (2)Jenny (4)Jenny1. Bridal portrait sessions allow Brides to get know their photographer. You get the chance to see photographer in action. When you are happy with the results you can finally  book  him/her for your Wedding Day.

2. That is the perfect time to book a trial run for your hair and make up.

3. All the photographs are taken with the hair, make up and clothing in perfect condition, before all of the hugs and kisses.

4. You have the opportunity to get comfortable with your wedding dress and if needed make last adjustments.

5. You get a lot more control over the choice of location. Some Weddings venues do not have nothing special to offer when it comes to outdoor places.

Pre-Bridal session with gorgeous Jenny. Location: Houston, Texas.

Looking for a photographer? Drop me a line to:

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