Online Business Pros and Cons


Business Wednesday no.6.

Continuation on choosing the best location for your business. Today my favorite one, which is no location at all! I called it ‘online business’. Pros and Cons.

Online business advantages:

  • Your office might be almost anywhere you go,
  • Worldwide public access to your website,
  • Requires fewer investments or almost not at all if you are using free advertisement,
  • You can go almost anywhere as a photographer/hair stylist (you do not need to stay in one place),
  • What more you can earn money by adding commercials into your site,
  • Your average hour as a photographer/make up artist can be higher cause you do not need to pay a rent!
  • The cheapest option from all business locations list (because you can have it for free).

Online business disadvantages:

  • High cost of your website positioning in Google – if you want to use that option.
  • You should think where to storage your products (or not at all if your business is strictly digital),
  • Time and cost of travelling as a photographer, hairstylist (you should find a solution how to deal with it),
  • No photography studio, what means you can rent one if your customer is in need or bring your own.

Having more ideas? Share your thoughts and experience!

Have a great Sunny day! 😉



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