Welcome to Business Wednesday no.5.

Continuation on choosing the best location for your business. Today main street location pros and cons.

Main street advantages:

  • Ease of public access,
  • Walk in traffic,
  • Higher visibility,
  • More respectability,
  • More signs, front window displays etc.,
  • When you’re closed, you’re closed. Nobody knocking on your door on your day off and after hours,
  • More usable space than average home.

Main street disadvantages:

  • Expensive (more than home business, less than shopping mall, in general),
  • Two rents to pay your home/apartment and your business on the main street (unless you are a lucky owner of your place),
  • Time and cost of travelling,
  • Parking can be a problem.
  • No kids at work (so additional money for Nanny or dropping them off to grandparents – time and cost of travelling again! Unless you are creative parents and you design small playground space for your Little Ones).
  • If this is photography studio business then  must be managed during regular business hours requiring at least two people most of the time (one shoot, one to be a receptionist).

Having more ideas? Share your thoughts and experience!

P.S. How about Business Wednesdays as a video ?

You can vote what is better to read or to watch…

Have a great happy day! 😉

(All e-cards are made By Niki)

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