How to Value Your Time in Business?


Business Wednesday no. 3.

Did you ever think about how much time you spend doing your business? I guess you noticed that there are many types of times where you work but you actually do not sell. Let’s make it clear.

Management time – your time spent preparing contracts, agreements, answering e-mails (that may take forever!), planning your schedule etc.

Selling/marketing time – while you prepare marketing offers, time spent with customers (other than photo shooting time), order taking, delivery of your ready products etc.

Education time – time spent at workshops, conventions, reading books to learn about new ideas and techniques, watching educational films online (a lot of that is for free).

Production/finishing time – postproduction (may take forever too!), creating prints etc.

Pre and post-shooting time – time when you are getting ready for a shoot (charge batteries, delete all pictures from your memory cards, prepare your bag) , the time after (downloading the files).

Finally Photography Time: when you are actually taking photographs.

Do not forget about vacation time in your schedules 😉

After dealing with all of that think about how much is your time worth. If you do not value your time no one will. I guess many customers do not realize all of that. And I do not only think about photography in here. It is good to educate them when you have an occasion. They will more appreciate what you are doing. Before you value your time make research with your concurrency. Get to know maximum and minimum rates in your area. Think who you want to work for. Few days ago I was thinking to add one more offer to my photography services. I thought I can save my time and money of my Clients and give them cheaper product without any post production done. But here I stopped myself! I do not want provide something not finished. Something that I would not be happy with. I imagine people seeing this style of images and thinking “I could do the same or even better”. I absolutely do not want that! Plus nobody would recommend a person like this or even more I could have a bad reputation. There is always a border line you can not cross. I want to give only Wows, Ohhhs and Ahhs 😉

Share your ideas about time valuation!

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