How to get first 100 Clients for your business?

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Welcome to second Business Wednesday!

If you are starting your business you definitely need a business cards. But having them is not enough. People are not aware of you. It is time to start promote yourself but with care about your budget. Use all the freebies you can : social networks, sites where you can promote your business services, do mailings to selected markets, make cold calls to commercial accounts etc. First months are dedicated the most to your clients. Remember to treat each customer the best way you can. Person who ask you for business photo shoot , still might bring you a wedding customer worth ten times more that his/her own photo shoot. So use all your skills and talents. Trick is to use the lower-income jobs to get higher-paying jobs.

When starting a successful business the most important thing to do is to get those fist 100 clients. After as you develop your skills and product quality you can be more selective about whom you want for customers and how much you charge them. At the beginning getting clients is paramount. Nothing else is more important. You can do jobs for no profit or even at a loss, if the jobs have the potential to net more customers. If it get you clients it is more than fine to spend hours on jobs that will earn pennies. I do not think that many beginners can open a new business and charge top rates for their work.

When you are new on the block usually means that you have to use price as a major incentive to attract people.

And with my style of living is not the easiest I have to admit. Travelling a lot is not helpful for your photography base. One year hear, one year there… and as soon I have a good base to work with (hair stylists, make up artists etc.)  I am going away to a new place. But I am trying hard and never lose hope to settle down in one place. And who knows maybe I settle down already?

So absolutely don’t be ashamed of being the cheapest when you are the newest.

Want to share and drop some ideas? How did you get your first clients?

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