Business Tips for your Business

Do what you LOVE

I just came to an idea to share with you what I know about business so far and I would like to learn from you as well. Business Wednesdays are dedicated to those of you who have chosen to make your own business (your passion) as your full-time occupation . Because nothing feels better to do what we love. Those tips will be great not only for photographers (you can use them for any kind of business) , however I will try to point out some important things that might be helpful for all of you behind the camera. If you decided to be in your business part-time, there still will be plenty information for you to learn from.

Here at the beginning I have to make a statement, Business Wednesdays are for those who wants to be successful and at the same time to make a good living by doing what you really love! If you want to fail, there is no need to read any further. So do not subscribe to follow Business Wednesdays.

We are here to learn from our successes but as well to “Learn from mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” 😉

“Begin where you are. But begin. Act. Move – just do not stay where you are.”

You have to focus all your positive energy into your business. And ad a huge amount of enthusiasm and excellence. Remember when the time will be getting hard, you can not quit, you have to make it work.

Your business has to be more than just a job. It has to be almost an obsession!

First very important tool for your business is an exciting website for your clients to show them your work. But remember showing too much might get them bored. Websites were created for photographers. Because all of those non photography sites still need a good quality pictures. Bingo! More work for us.

Once you have your site, you will have to promote it, advertise it and inform as many people as you can. Now we can create Facebook Pages, Twitter and much more. How we can get more traffic? Make sure you make research and post your new posts in a crowed traffic hours. That is in case you post something quite often. If you add a new shoes selection once a month to your boutique website make the same.

To be successful, don’t ever stop learning and growing. Attend Photoshop classes, watch educational videos, borrow books from local library. If you are a fashionista and you sell outfits on your site, fallow latest trends in fashion, try to attend fashion shows, and fallow fashion bloggers.

How you promote your business website? Which method is the best in your opinion?

Share here your thoughts, let’s learn from each others.

Next week I will write about first customers and the chain of success.



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