Pastel Venice

Pastel Venice


One of many shoots of Venice, California. But this one is more special to me cause it was taken with a film camera. What the most funny is that this camera is not even mine! But I am not going to give it back to nobody, no matter what! I hope you can keep this secret and do not tell to no one 😉


6 thoughts on “Pastel Venice

      1. I love my Canons- it all started when I inherited my dad’s A1… I still think it takes better photos than my Digital 350D and 400D (Rebel Xt and ? in the USA…) It just is a huge problem to get the photos developed properly in our rural areas. So sadly my film camera is just in storage at the moment in my office.

      2. I think I have to agree with you. I love more camera film quality than digital. Yes it is difficult to find a good place to develop. I found one person in other country who makes really good mix of chemicals etc. So you can choose what you want. But I waited around 2-3 weeks and after that I still have to scan it. Would you like to sell your Canon A1 one day? Or you are going to keep it forever?

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