Our car simply belongs to the places like that. That is why we decided to pull over for a lunch time. Listened to Surfing USA by Beach Boys and ate. My choice was a salad. I try to eat healthy while I live here… 😉



Mel’s Drive In, Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks, California.

5 thoughts on “Lunchtime

  1. I am from L.A. I remember my Dad taking me to restaurants like that. There was a name for them. I’m 59 years old now. I’d play the 45 RPM music on a mini juke box, chomp on a burger and fries, and a soda or malt. It had to be a burger and fries. We were not very healthy back then. Perhaps I will die having swallowed a horse of course.

    1. “It was the best of times if only someone had told me.” I just wish to go back in time sometimes… To eat fast food is cheep, to eat healthy is not that easy here. However I love IN and OUT burgers and fries… By the way you are the same age as my dad! He is turning 60 this year 😉

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