The City of Angels

city of angels Driving through Los Angeles specially after what happened in Connecticut let me see things differently. During just one day I saw plenty huge billboards with newest movies ads. Yes I know L.A. is home to Hollywood with more filmmakers and actors, living and working in Los Angeles than any other city at any time in the history of civilization… But still the most scary thing is than on 90% of those posters occur guns of various kinds! What about all games? How about toys for kids?  After watching those kind of movies some people draw sick ideas…  How about missing 17,000 people (just in Poland in 2012)? Where is this all heading? I know my post in here is not going to change probably nothing but…  I wish to don’t see anymore this kind of horrible news on TV.IMG_1674 copyBeautiful graffiti on Venice Art Wall. By the way do you know that people create a jewelry out of paint layers from that wall? Some of them are really colorful.


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