California Republic

So here I am… Here we are…. California State, dream of many. Beach, Pacific Ocean and The City… 😉 Which city? Any Ideas? If some of you know this city good, picture above should help you a lot 😉

One day I read somewhere “if you want your friends to be jealous tell them you are moving out to California”… will be continued cause I have a lot to say about  it!


2 thoughts on “California Republic

    1. Well these are two different worlds. Here and there I have ocean, beach, palm trees and sun (here even more). In Seychelles you can know all places in very short time and be simply bored. Specially when you are closed on a small island… In California each single day you discover something new. Place is huge (but I guess you know that). In Seychelles there is a limit: few islands, the biggest one is possible to dive around by car in one day. Here I can go to Colorado etc 😉 But I will keep you updated! Still many photographs from Seychelles are waiting to be published 😉

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