Endless Blue

I was away for some time and really did not have a time for new posts. But still I am working on my photography 😉 More into the fashion way lately which I like too. You can see some new posts here  http://lovelyflamingos.blogspot.fr/ . Photograph above : Seychelles.


Talk me Grey

Photo shoot for Le Hatchery. One of many we took yesterday. I am still working on them and loving them each second much more! Today you will have a chance to see more on http://lovelyflamingos.blogspot.fr/ as well as take a closer look on Le Hatchery! Have a good day everyone!

The Best Photographer

Many people have a camera nowadays. It’s like a phone or a computer. After that we just need to create magic world in front of our lenses. Something unique and with our personality in it. Easy to say but I am trying 😉 BTW where the hell is my backpack for a camera that I ordered 2 weeks ago on ebay?!

Magic Hearts

Magic hearts and unfocused palm tree. I did not use any Photoshop. Hope will be good for this photo challenge 😉 Isn’t that romantic?


Moon Light

One of these full moon nights. With a halo effect but this time halo wasn’t my target. I want to show how looks the shape of palm tree by night. One night hundreds mosquitoes started to eat me so I had to run away. But I came back next month and this is the final result 😉 Seychelles.