Electric Pink

No Photoshop. Photograph is straight out from my camera. Hope you enjoy my electric pink. Beach on Mahe Island, Seychelles.


School Break


If you think it was difficult to manage that group probably you could be right. But this time it was a piece of cake. I met them on their school break. All kids have great uniforms at schools. They look so elegant in it! Seychelles.

New York Winner 2012

Finally I am happy owner of Polaroid SX-70. It doesn’t look like a camera at all! I thought it is expensive when was a time to pay for it. But today I received a newsletter from Impossible. They are selling them at this moment. However model that I have is selling only for US market plus prize is 350 USD! So I guess I made a good deal 😉 Picture above was the winner in New York City 2012. Place: Beach entrance, Seychelles.

Move 4450 miles Away…

Switch off the phone.
Mix gold and silver.
Take deep breaths. 
Keep believing.
Think of the thing
you want the most and do it.

Never stop dreaming.
In the end, a spotless floor at home
doesn’t matter at all.
Move 4450 miles away from your parents.
Open a bottle of champagne.
Smile when you do that.
Hug a dog.
Kiss your boyfriend.
Go to the beach.
Play tequila.
Forgive somebody.
And remember, sometimes all it takes
is the right place.
Live like you mean it.